All pricing is inclusive of LINE RENTAL & VAT at 20% and is SUBJECT TO SURVEY and SUBJECT TO CONTRACT


 Installation Fee 

Monthly subscription

Fibre 10

Basic free package

10 Mb/s download and 10 Mb/s upload



Fibre 50

Ideal for the smaller home

50 Mb/s download and 50 Mb/s upload



Fibre 100

Get the whole family online

100 Mb/s download and 100 Mb/s upload



Fibre 200

For the intensive user

200 Mb/s download and 200 Mb/s upload


Fibre 300

For the inner geek

300 Mb/s download and 300 Mb/s upload


Fibre 500

Almost endless possibilities

500 Mb/s download and 500 Mb/s upload


Fibre 1000

Beyond infinity

1000 Mb/s download and 1000 Mb/s upload


Minimum 24 month contract applies. £50 waived off admin fee for annual subscription (excludes Fibre 10)

**Fibre 10 only applicable to Crindledyke Farm (Story Housing Development) when subscribing within 1 month of property purchase and requires you to pay for all calls at a standard rate.




Monthly subscription

Evening & Weekend Calls

First 60 minutes of any call free from 6pm to 8am Monday to Thursday and from 6pm Friday to 8am Monday

Free as standard with any paid subscription

Free Evening & Weekend consists of UK landlines (01, 02 and 03), 0870 and 0845


Anytime Calls

First 60 minutes of any call free anytime day or night

Free anytime calls consists of UK landlines (01, 02 and 03), 0870 and 0845, any time of the day or night


Anytime International

Includes free calls to 21 destinations worldwide (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, USA). Shared across all lines




Monthly subscription

Caller ID

FREE provided you make two chargable or inclusive calls per month, otherwise £3.00 per month


Call Waiting

Catch every call, a discrete sound tells you another call is waiting


Call Forward

Forward your calls to another number


Caller Rejection

Screen your calls and avoid cold callers


Wake-up Call

Set an alarm call at any time you need one


All Features

All 5 phone features


*FREE provided you make two chargeable or inclusive calls per month, otherwise £3.00 per month.



Second Line

Opted call rates shared across both lines

£5.00 per month

Priority Install

Jump the queue for an earlier install

£100.00 one-off