Questions & Answers

What is TripleConnect?

It's amazing broadband, crystal clear HD TV and an intelligent phone from one great connection.

What makes it so special?

  • Superfast connectivity. At up to 1000 Mb per second, TripleConnect is 75 times faster than the UK average (June 2013), allowing you to get what you want instantaneously. You no longer have to wait on things buffering; everything will be ready to go when you are. So whether you are video chatting, uploading family videos, or playing your favourite online games, all you need to do is click and you're there.
  • Record More. Record up to five programs simultaneously, just because you can. And with the unprecedented ability to record inside the network instead of on your set top box, you will never have to worry about having enough space to record your favourite programs.
  • All your content in one place. Watch hundreds of channels and tens of thousands of shows and movies On Demand (including Netflix) - all in one place. So, you can search quickly for and access all of your favourite programs seamlessly.
  • Full TV line-up. It provides a full range of Sky channels including Sky Movies and Sky Sports in HD and without the need for a satellite dish
  • Crystal Clear HD TV. A bigger connection means less compression. Luckily, TripleConnect's ultra fast Fiber network has more than enough bandwidth to ensure you get HD in all its glory ... with nothing left behind.
  • 1,000 Gb of cloud storage. Things happen... But no matter what happens to your computer your files are safely stored in our network. Keep everything. Share anything. Your files are everywhere you are - on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go.
  • Fast and Powerful WiFi. Enjoy super fast Wi-Fi speeds with 802.11a/b/g/n including MIMO antennas and dual concurrent radios. Extend your access to TripleConnect all over your home with the integrated Network Hub. Too much tech speak? This just means your WiFi goes faster and reaches further.

Why should a homeowner buy TripleConnect?

  • It's excellent value for money
  • Convenience of having all your services - phone, TV & broadband all in one competitive package
  • Its unique in the UK – only TripleConnect can give you the full range of Sky TV and in HD over fibre – putting you ahead of the game
  • Its better than BT, Sky or TalkTalk for multi-occupancy households or for working from home because the high bandwidth allows everyone to be online all at the same time with anyone slowing down

Who's providing the service?

Wightfibre Limited, trading as TripleConnect - not Story Homes. WightFibre already provide phone, TV and broadband to over 5,000 customers in different parts of the UK – so you are not the first.

Who are TripleConnect?

TripleConnect make up, with WightFibre and Solway Communications, a group of companies specialising in high performance communications. TripleConnect is the business focussed on new residential developments. The Group has over 5,000 satisfied customers all over the UK.

How much does it cost?

  • TripleConnect have a range of packages and flexible pricing to fit most customers requirements and, more importantly, their budget. Full details of our different packages, including our TV channel line up, can be found on our website –
  • All new Storey homeowners can have a free phone line and a free fibre optic broadband service for FREE for two years – compliments of TripleConnect. Play only for calls at standard rates
  • TripleConnect's most expensive package comes in at £130/mth and includes Anytime calls, the full Sky package including all the SkyMovies channels and all the Sky Sports Channels and much more besides.

What equipment do I need?

  • TripleConnect will provide you with a network hub and set top box to get you connected. Of course, you then need TV,s PCs, laptops, tablets or other devices with which to connect.
  • To receive TV, your TV needs an HDMI socket and needs to be widescreen (16:9) screen format

What is a network hub?

The network hub brings the fibre optic cable from the street into your home. It comes with WiFi wireless capability through which you would then connect your internet devices. You can also connect internal cable to the network hub for even faster connections within your home though this is not essential to enjoy high speed internet.

What is a set top box?

The set top box (which, despite its name, normally sits underneath your TV) is the box which presents the TV and radio channels and other video content to your TV. This is TripleConnect's equivalent to a Freeview box or a Sky+ box. It provides, via an easy to use on screen menu, access to all the TV channels to which you have subscribed and On Demand video services such as BBC iPlayer, ITVPlayer, 4oD, 5Demand, You Tube and Vimeo. Other On Demand services such as Netflix and Lovefilm will be available but these required a separate subscription directly with the companies providing the service.

The set top box also allows for Live Pause, Record and Series Record. The box can record up to 5 channels simultaneously and, because we can record inside our network, you won't need to worry about running out of space to store your recordings.

How do I order?

You can order through Story Homes or, if you would prefer us to talk you through the options, just call us on 01228 231231

What if I decide I don't like TripleConnect? Can I cancel my service?

TripleConnect is confident you'll love our service. In the event you feel our service is not to your liking we offer a two month "cooling off" period during which you may leave your contract with no penalty provided you return all our equipment to us. This 2 months is much longer than the 14 days allowed by other providers. If you stay beyond this two month period you will then need to honour the 12 or 24 month contract you have with us.

How can I pay?

Paying is easy. Simply set up a direct debit with us and we'll take payment automatically from your bank on the last working day of each month. You can pay any connection fees or additional charges by card over the phone.

How much does it cost?

TripleConnect is competitively priced against other service providers such as Sky. Full details of our packages can be found on our website,