Boost the value of your properties with state of the art, superfast fibre optic broadband – 75 times the speed of the UK average.

Boost your building into the 21st century with the most revolutionary upgrade you'll ever make. Our superfast 1 Gb broadband will transform your homes at breakthrough low prices.

One of the top five key questions asked by prospective buyers is "How fast is the broadband?" 
With TripleConnect the answer is "75 times faster than the national average".
 And it is completely future proof and can go even faster.

Living and working at the speed of light

Our pure fibre optic cable lets homeowners download HD movies in seconds, watch multiple channels of HD TV, and much, much more – all at the same time. Speeds slowing down at peak times is a thing of the past.

When TripleConnect says unlimited we mean unlimited:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • The FULL package of TV channels including Sky Movies and Sky Sports
  • Unlimited Anytime phone calls

At TripleConnect we're building a next-generation internet service from the ground up. By avoiding those old copper wires BT still use your homes will have the almost limitless potential of full fibre.

TripleConnect can do things other providers cannot do:

  • Your new buyers can bring their old telephone number with them no matter where in the country they are moving from
  • Don't want your new development sprouting Sky dishes on the walls spoiling the look and appeal to new buyers. Unlike BT, TripleConnect can supply the full range of Sky channels – no dish required
  • TripleConnect partners with local content providers to stream relevant, local information direct to the TV – traffic reports, train arrivals/departures, weather and local news

How do I make this work with TripleConnect?

  • Strike a deal with TripleConnect which allows us to lay our own ducts and fibre cables in your development – we'll give you good terms and payments when new owners connect
  • You install the ducts and cables
  • We install the fibre
  • In the show home TripleConnect install a typical home set-up allowing you to show off the real, live service to potential buyers
  • Buyer purchases new home. When they move in TripleConnect provides free service for one month in a "try before you buy" offer
  • Buyer purchases TripleConnect contract – TripleConnect makes payment to you.